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What is Group Coaching?

The Group Coaching methodology is a learning technique. It is practiced within a group of 6-8 people who decide to meet regularly to share their experiences in order to increase their performance, better understand the issues at stake, and develop strategies and action plans.
During each session, the group, with the support of a professional coach, helps one of its members find solutions to an issue, project, or problem of his/her choice by following a step-by-step problem-solving process.

What is group coaching

Our Learning Objectives

Integrate the 8 International Coaching Federation Core Competencies into Group Coaching processes

Deliver Team and Group Coaching by yourself with confidence

Adopt the coaching attitude through applied Group & Team Coaching exercises and the feedback of certified ICF coaches

Apply the Group and Team Coaching tools to your team and organization

Group Coaching Philosophy

Our Coaching Philosophy

The Group Coaching Institute strives to create a learning environment that brings out the best in individuals and helps them understand their impact. No matter what role we play, managers and employees alike have an effect on everything and everyone around them. Through our Coaching programs, we aim to help you improve the perception of your impact. After having completed our curriculum, you will gain a better awareness of your inner power in transforming your organization.

Our Approach

Our format is ideal for participants who already have a full-time job: the GCI offers virtual classes and since everything is online, it means greater flexibility!

We use actionable tools, with less theory and more applied practice! You will have asynchronous and synchronous training thanks to observed sessions and targeted feedback by highly trained coaches

group coaching programs

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