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Improve leadership skills and team cohesion with group coaching

Here are some examples of our popular Group Coaching themes for leaders

  • Prepare your impactful messages for yearly individual performance appraisals (especially useful for the challenging ones)

  • Improve your leader-mentor skills (at the heart of many corporate mentoring programs)

  • Get ready to take on an executive role

  • Develop the talents of your team as a leader-coach

  • Prepare for strategic succession planning for your team and for yourself

How does it work?

  • Kick-off session to explain the process and the objectives to the cohort

  • 4 Group Coaching sessions of 1h30 each

  • Once a month, 6-8 people per group

  • A leadership theme for each session with corresponding ready-to-use methods & tools

  • Languages: English, French, Italian

  • Contact us for prices and how to get started

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