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101 Certification Curriculum

Advanced Certification Curriculum

  • Prepare the foundations of Group Coaching, create a safe space

  • Group coaching process & the coaching agreement

  • Group coaching process – learning by observing

  • Listen as a coach

  • Question as a coach

  • Understanding the client at multiple levels

  • Maintaining momentum: facilitate client’s growth

  • How to start your own Group Coaching

This program includes:

  • A unique Group Coaching methodology

  • 8 workshops of 90 minutes each, for a total of 12h of live online sessions and 8 recorded sessions, content slides, 6 hours of self study

  • At the end, you will receive 12 CCEs

  • Sessions every Thursday from October 20 at 12pm EST and 6pm CET - English language

  • Teaching also available in French and Italian upon request

Prerequisites: None

Classes of 6-7 students per faculty member

Note: All prices are in US dollars


  • ICF Ethical coaching practices and empowering mindset

  • ​Coaching mindset: emotions and individual reactions

  • Intervention zones and stakeholders' analysis

  • Overcoming the coach’s biases, the "drivers"

  • Understanding your client's needs 

  • The four levels of listening

  • Coaching dynamics to avoid coach's "traps"

  • Bring change and facilitate client's growth

  • Communicate effectively with your client

  • Develop your client's accountability

This program includes: 

  • 10 workshops of 90 minutes each, for a total of 15h; 10h15 of Pre-work (10 Recorded lessons & content slides); ​10h mentoring (Group and Individual); 7 hours of Practice and report; 8 hours for self-study and quizzes completion; 4 hours for a final report; 45min for the DISC questionnaire; 5 hours of Final exam

For a total of 73 hours learning journey, which includes also the hours spent on 101 Program.

We are applying for Level 1 International Coaching Federation Certification

Prerequisite: Completion of the 101 GCI program

Classes of 6-7 students per faculty member

Available in English, and French and Italian upon request

PRICE: Contact if interested